Mary Gannam
Saraf Beecher

   With the passing of my Grandma Beecher in September 2000, those who made the way for me have filled my thoughts.

   I have begun again in earnest a Family History that I began some years ago to ensure that my children will understand and appreciate their rich heritage.

   This website is dedicated to the memory of those who have gone before and left a legacy of which I am immensely proud, especially to my Grandma Mary Gannam Saraf Beecher and my Great Aunt Florence "Honey" Gildea. They are now and always have been my heroes.

   Let us remember the lessons our ancestors have taught us and strive to pass these on to future generations. And let us remember that we are the ancestors for whom future generations will search, and let us leave a legacy they will be proud to find.

If you have a Fischer or Gildea ancestor, check out Upton, Walden, Travers, Beall, Gildea, Ivey, Murken, Konemann, Chalker, Brannan (Branham), Hannah, Conner, Murray, Highnote, McNorrell, Keene, Cleary, Ryan, Fischer and Russell. If you have a Saraf or Gannam ancestor, check out Gannam, Abraham, Saraf, Tabakian, Tootle, and Beecher.


Some of the photos found in Mother's garage are from a single roll. Some are bound together in a booklet and some are in pocket folder from the camera store that developed the film. I've kept the photos from a single roll together, to maintain the context in which they were taken, so there may be several families and events represented in one roll. Follow the links to photo pages.     

Page 1 - 1943 to 1955     Page 2 - 1956-1959     Page 3 - 1960-1975    


Saraf 1969

Families represented:
Tabakian, Saraf, Beecher,
Fischer, Tootle, Kastensmidt

Saraf 1969
Beecher, Saraf, Tootle at George Saraf's House
Tabakian, Gannam, Fischer

Have fun and hit the pause buttom on your media player to stop the film and try to identify faces!
If you can identify people I did not, let me know!

Kim's YouTube channel

Easter 1956 - Fischer/Beecher/Gildea
Kim, Iris, Mary Ann, Neil, Bogie, Grandma, Harold, Grandma Kate, Uncle Bootsie, Jimmy, Chuckie
Stables/Horses/Mule at Gannam's
Easter Sarafs 1948

Uncle Phillip, Mr. Jenkins, Johnny Ganem, Aunt Phyllis and Uncle George, Grandma, Mary Valenti, Mary Ann, Rose
Fischer - Saraf Wedding 1951
Edith Jenkins, Mary Ann, Phyllis, Rose, Antoinette, Phillip, Neil Fischer, Sr. Daria Gildea, Uncle Mike, Georgie Tabakian, Mary Valenti, Bob Jenkins, Harold, Grandpa Gannam
Fischer - Jenkins Horse Shows
1948-49 South Carolina

Neil Fischer, Edith and Bob Jenkins
Interview with Grandma 1987
Grandma, Kim, Maurice, Christopher, Ashley, Robbie, Jayne
Tabakian - Saraf Wedding 1949
Aunt Phyllis, Uncle George, Uncle Phillip, Mary Valenti, Uncle Mike Gannam, Bob and Edith Jenkins, Rose, Mary Ann, Harold, Grandma Beecher, Antoinette
Kastensmidt - Saraf Wedding 1959
Antoinette, Charles Kastensmidt, Grandma Beecher, Iris, Harold, Mr. & Mrs. Kastensmidt,
Little Neil dancing
Tootle - Saraf Wedding 1955
Kimmie at the beginning and end, Aunt Rose & Uncle Sam Tootle, Harold, Grandma, Neil Fischer, Aunt Antoinette & Uncle Charlie, Uncle George & Aunt Phyllis, Georgie, Kathy, and Cindy Tabakian, Bogie, Iris, Uncle Mike and Aunt Mariam Gannam, Grandpa Gannam, Uncle Phillip (Reception at Aunt Phyllis and Uncle George's House)
Fischers - Grandma Beecher - 1964
Fischer Kids: Kim, Neil, Robert, Steven at 1444 Marlborough Way; Grandma's house on Hopkins Street - Aunt Phyllis, Uncle George, kids and boat; Grandma Beecher
Fischer Family Christmas 1959 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert, Mary Ann
Fischer Family Spring 1959 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way, Daffin Park - Kim, Neil, Robert, Mary Ann and Neil
Fischer Family Spring 1960
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert, Mary Ann, Neil, Barbecue Daddy built
Fischer Family Christmas 1960 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert
Fischer Family Christmas 1961 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert
Fischer Family Christmas 1962 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert, Steven's first Christmas (Chatty Cathy, Bow & Arrows)
Fischer Family Christmas 1963 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert, Steven
Neil Jr's First Holy Communion 1964 - Mayfair
1444 Marlborough Way - Kim, Neil, Robert, Steven
Fischer Family Christmas 1969 - Wilmington Island
Rt. 2, Box 444F - Kim, Neil, Robert, Steven, Mary Ann

Fischer Kids 1970 - Fooling around
Rt. 2, Box 444F, Wilmington Island - Mama in the kitchen, Kim, Neil, Robert, Steven,
Kim's rabbits, pillow fights

Daddy Building BBQ at Birchwood Court
and Neil in his front yard at 107 Davidson -
circa 1980
Kim and Oliver planting trees at their first home in Mandarin, Florida. Circa 1980.
Grandpa Gannam Video circa 1972-1975
Filmed by Antoine Saraf - Grandpa, Beth, Julie, Brent Saraf. Angela and Sam Tootle, Grandma Beecher & Harold, Uncle George and Aunt Phyllis Tabakian
and a couple of the kids, Aunt Nell and Uncle George Saraf and Tina
Grandpa Karam Gannam Speaks
Part 1       Part 2      Part 3 .
Mass of Christian Burial Neil J. Fischer, Sr.
Part 1
Soloist - Ashley Peters
Readers: Catherine Margaret Fischer &
Patrice Hope Fischer

Part 2

Part 3
Homily Continued

Presentation of the Gifts:
Steven, Gabriella, Alexis and
Mary Sophia Fischer

Part 4
Final Blessing
Removal of Coffin

Part 5
Graveside prayers

Pall Bearers: Sons-Neil, Robert & Steven Fischer. Grandsons-Geoffrey & Robert Fischer, Christopher Peters

Part 6
Burial with Navy color guard from
St. Mary's Georgia
Navy Submarine Base


Photos, postcards, maps and city directories give us a glimpse of the world in which our ancestors lived.
ischer / Russell - Jacksonville Pre 1901, Savannah.  
- Manchester, New Hampshire; Savannah.  
- Syria; Troy, New York; Detroit; Jacksonville 1920s; Savannah.

Detroit, Michigan


City Directory

Jacksonville, Florida

Pre 1901     1920's   

City Directory

Manchester, New Hampshire

Postcards - all dates

City Directory

Savannah, Georgia  
City Directory   Knights of Pythias
Naturalization Index- Various Names

pre 1930


Troy, New York

Washington County, GA

Chatham County World War II Memorial
7 November 2010

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